My name is Laura and I gave my life to Christ

in November of 2000.

A new millenium, a new life!

My conversion came about the moment I discovered that God really truly is LOVE.

Since that moment, I have been on a journey to discover who God truly is

and who I truly am in Him.

Whenever I seek God for new revelation,

my starting point, my stake in the ground, my line in the sand is this statement:


Refusing to budge from this position has lead me to interpret the Bible

and to view life’s circumstances very differently than most other people I know.

I feel it has allowed God to reveal things to me about Himself

that people who see God as angry, condemning or distant would struggle to accept.

This blog is about sharing with you some of the amazing things God

has revealed to me throughout my Christian life.

Some you may agree with, some you may find challenging,

some you may find blasphemous.

Whatever your reaction, my prayer is that these “Downloads From Heaven” will inspire

you to seek God more for the answers to your own questions and to seek a greater

revelation of His LOVE and Your IDENTITY IN CHRIST.